ITO's past projects...


Complete conversion scope such as:

  • Global FEM analysis

  • Local FEM analysis

  • Topside-Hull interface, Stool & Underdeck design and analysis for all Topside Modules

  • COT #1 Modification

  • Crane Foundations

  • Inner bottom reinforcement

  • Loading Manual (Intact & Damage Stability)

  • Freeboard Calculation

  • Tanks Sounding/Ullage Tables

  • Inclining Experiment Procedure and Attendance

  • Topside Joint Spectral Fatigue Analysis for All
 FPSO Stybarrow Venture  Multibody time domain simulation: Freefall Lifeboat Recovery Operational Availability Study  2014
 FPSO C7 Additional modules: topside_hull interface analysis 2014
 CAMEIA FIELD DEVELOPMENT FEED Hull strength and fatigue assessment of candidate tanker
 FPSO C7 Topside modules Interface Analysis 2014-Feb
 Federal II  Mooring Chain Assessment for Widuri Terminal 2014-Jan/Feb
 Espadon 200 Drill floor Interface Strength and Fatigue Analysis 2014-Jan
 FPSO Armada Ali Initial Scantling Evaluation (ISE), Total Strength Assessment (TSA), Dynamic Loading Approach (DLA) and Spectral Fatigue Analysis (SFA). 2013
 FPSO Pyrenees Venture Bilge Keel Strength and Fatigue Assessment 2012-2013
 D1 FPSO Lead Naval Architect  2011-2012
 FSO Sepat Lead Naval Architect 2011

 Site Specific Strength & Fatiuge Analysis

Review & Technical Coordination for;

  • TSA analysis

  • Turret Support Structure analysis

  • Crane Foundation

  • Helideck

Design & Analysis for;

  • Offloading Station

  • Hose Maintenance Platform
 2010 - 2011
 FSO Benchamas Site specific hull structural assessment by Dynamic Loading Approach 2010
 TGT FPSO Bilge Keel Strength & Fatigue Analysis 2010
 M.T Jag Lakshya ISE analysis of a candidate tanker to convert to FPSO for KITAN oil Filed 2010
 FPSO Lewek Emas Site Specific Fatigue Assessment 2010
 FSO Erawan Full Cargo Block Strength & Fatigue Analysis 2010
 Al-Mukalla Mooring Third Party Technical Review of Mooring Analysis 2010
 Madura FPSO Mooring Analysis (8 points spread moored)  2010
 FSO Erawan Life Extension Study, ISE Analysis 2009
 FSO Erawan Forward Body Strength Assessment 2009
 FPSO Armada Perdana Third Party Verification of Site Specific Strength and Fatigue Assessment for OYO Field, offshore Nigeria 2008
 FSO Erawan Structural Analysis of Helideck 2008
 FSO Erawan Structural Modifications
  • Increase life raft capacity and life safety apparatus.

  • Increase bed spaces in the existing cabins.

  • Extra toilets / bath rooms extended into engine room

  • Change life boats (Port& Starboard) to accommodate the increased POB up to 70 persons, and also modify structural life boat support.
 Frontier Duchess Analysis of 8 points spread moored drillship 2007
 W.D.Kent Tender Barge Analysis of 8 points spread moored tender barge 2007
 P726 Pipe Laying Analysis 2007
 FPSO San Jacinto Life Extension Study & Structural Modification/ Reinforcement 2006
 Atwood Beacon Jack-up Legs Retrieval Mooring Analysis of Barge IBIS 2004
  Atwood Beacon Jack-up Legs Retrieval Mooring Analysis of Asian Herculues II for Salvage Operation 2004